Protective Screens: Methacrylate or Glass?

Although both types of protective partitions are equally effective as a physical barrier against contagion, glass protection screens represent an extra in terms of material resistance and the useful life of this protective element.

Advantages from methacrylate screens compared to glass

Methacrylate (polymethylmethacrylate) is also known as acrylic glass or by its acronym PMMA. It is an alternative to glass that has the following characteristics:

Methacrylate is easily moldable.

Methacrylate is a plastic with a high transparency index (+ 93%).

It has high resistance against impacts.

Methacrylate weighs half as much as glass, which makes it easier to install and logistics.

Advantages of Glass Screens versus Methacrylate

Glass is physically stronger than any methacrylate, making glass more difficult to scratch than methacrylate.

The glass is more thermally resistant than any methacrylate. It can resist a thermal gradient of up to 60º.

Glass inhibits any bacteria, viruses, coronaviruses, protozoa, and other communicable contaminants that may become impregnated on its surface much faster.

The glass is more rigid, unlike the methacrylate that is flexible. This will make glass partitions much more stable than methacrylate, thus reducing their sway.

The glass partitions are resistant to Ultra Violet (UV) radiation. This means that, exposed to sunlight, the methacrylate partitions will acquire a yellowish hue and may lose transparency. This does not happen with glass protective partitions.

In contrast to methacrylate partitions, glass partitions do not accumulate static electricity, so they will attract less dust and environmental dirt.

Its cleaning and disinfection is much easier since they support the use of materials such as alcohol, powerful detergents and disinfectants, high temperature water, etc. They also support cleaning using pressurized steam.

If you want a durable and robust protective screen, the best option is to opt for a glass screen.

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