“Air Quality. A current Challenge” arrives to Madrid

The traveling exhibition "Air Quality A Current Challenge" is present today at the Naturgy Foundation seminar on environmental vehicle labeling at its headquarters in Madrid. It is inaugurated today and can be visited until 7th September. April. The NATURGY Foundation today commemorates a seminar on the environmental labeling of vehicles in Madrid, in collaboration with [...]

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Tecnorevolución Exhibition arrives to Caixaforum Sevilla

The itinerary of the Tecnorevolución expo opens today at CaixaForum Sevilla. The TecnoRevolución exhibition aims to showcase the advances of convergent technologies, whose application has contributed important advances that are already present in our daily lives. This interactive sample presents the technologies convergents: nanotechnology, biotechnology, information and communication technologies (ICT), and cognitive sciences. You can [...]

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Museu Marítim Barcelona inaugurates today the permanent exhibition Mar Enllà

Catalonia beyond, three centuries of Catalan navy: XVIII-XX, with more than 170 pieces, some that were not shown for 30 years. The exhibition documented the Catalan adventure through the Atlantic, which required the creation of schools for the training of pilots and captains that could cross the Great Sea, the acquisition and construction of [...]

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Hidden Heroes arrive to Lugo

Today the traveling exhibition Hidden Heroes opens in Lugo. Great inventions, everyday objects. Until January 7, 2019 the inhabitants of Lugo and surrounding areas can discover the Heroes that accompany us in our daily life. What makes an everyday object become a hidden hero? It must be something related to an ingenious idea, but [...]

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Exhibition “Air quality. A current challenge. ” Guadalajara

The exhibition "The quality of the air. A current challenge ", produced by the Naturgy Foundation with the aim of contributing to the educational, environmental and cultural development of society, shows how the phenomenon of air pollution is a key factor that determines the health of people and the environment. The implementation of different initiatives, [...]

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