We create signage for all types of grounds, museums, exhibit halls, events, libraries, etc.

In standard or custom formats, with materials like methacrylate, aluminum, steel, phenolic compounds… There’s really no limit on how to handle signage for an exhibition space.

At Expomon, we wish to go one step further and offer a customized image by adding endless options…

  • Shapes: You don’t always have to use rectangles. A corporate shape, one or more rounded edges, random oxycut or laser traced shapes.
  • Materials: Methacrylate in different thicknesses, stainless steel, aluminum, PVC, composite, phenolic compounds, etc.
  • Textures: imitation wood or stone, lacquered, transparent, beveled, matte or shiny…


And added to all this are thicknesses, colors, digital printing, so the options are endless.

Proper signage requires a preliminary study so uses are not confused or uncomfortable.

Ask us about your signage needs, commitment-free.

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