“Tell me and I’ll forget it, show it to me and maybe I’ll remember it, involve me and I’ll learn”.
Benjamín Franklin

What is a scenography?

The scenography is the set of visual elements that make up a staging, whether materials (decoration, theatrical tools), lighting or characterization of the characters (costumes, makeup, hairdressing), whether the staging intended for live performance (theater, dance), cinematographic, audiovisual, expository or destined to other events.

Applied in this way to museography, it corresponds to a recreation of a piece, space or habitat that, without being real, resembles reality as much as possible.

Our team is very aware of this and therefore carries out a research work on the requested scene or habitat and the possible proposals proposed by us.

The technical aspects of realization are presented in a draft, where feasibility is studied before approval by the client.

The manufacture, retouching and scenographic auction is done in situ, to accommodate the real needs of the space.

The techniques and materials used to manufacture our scenographies are state-of-the-art, providing resistance and almost real or real finishes in any type of material and surface, as well as reducing manufacturing times.

Depending on the project, samples or models are made to test materials and manufacturing systems by the client.

In the case of reproduction of pieces these can be a real copy of the original, made with the same materials, respecting the traditional system for its manufacture, or simply a recreation of the original with modern alternative materials, but with the capacity to provide a very similar finish.