Essentials to direct the attention of potential customers to the products.

Exhibitors or displays are elements of Advertising in Sale Place.

There are different types that we design and produce from Expomon:

  • Display advertising: for its smaller size are ideal to place them on the counter, in the storefront or on stands at the point of sale.

Generally, it is made of corrugated cardboard and printed in offset with high quality finishes (ultraviolet varnish, stampings, reliefs, etc.). On the back, it has a folding foot or wings on which it rests.

  • Floor stand: this type of large format display can be used as a product dispenser. Its design and manufacturing in finishes adapted to branding achieve great conversion results.

The Floor Stands are exhibitors of Advertising in Sale Place.

These displays have the function of containing the product at the same time as displaying it in an attractive way and adding the values ​​of the brand. The Floor Stands allow different design structures and can be manufactured to be distributed full or to be assembled and loaded in the establishment.