At Expomon, we only need a suggestion to begin a whole new project

With just a topic, idea, story… we can design a space with the necessary furniture, displays, panels, graphics, signage…

We handle everything from designing the exhibit with sketches, outlines and drawings to create a first approach and shape the main idea expressed by the client. Nowadays, museology and museography and museums and the most diverse of institutions with a vocation for cultural activities have turned exhibitions into the most meticulate means or procedure for communicating the content of their collections or message with the pedagogical aims to the public.

Exhibiting involves a complete system of conceptualization and interpretation, design and organization, reference and communication all at the same time.

Our team is very aware of this and, thus, manages the preliminary programming and investigates exhibiting methods, materials and solutions as part of its commitment to provide the most appropriate design so the exhibit becomes a talking story that interacts with the public.

“Exhibiting is a method; it’s one of the most important tools for dialogue and awareness with the public available to a museologist.” Marc Maure (1996).