Lighting is a very important part in exhibition spaces, ephemeral and museographic.

The lighting of a space must be designed according to its mission, which is summarized in three points:

  1. To conserve a patrimony, taking all the measures to carry it out.
  2. Give value to the element and brand exhibited.
  3. Make diffusion. This implies carrying out research on the subject and / or the work or element to be exhibited.

These points coexist closely with three vital elements.

  • Physical space: This is the place where the element to be exhibited is housed, and the lighting must harmonize with it.
  • The collection: Light should create the conditions for the conservation of the work and put it in context according to what the museographic designer has; It is worth mentioning that some studies indicate that lighting is an essential element for the image to remain in the visitor’s mind.
  • The visitor. Light should be your guide, direct your attention and show the characteristics of the object; It must also create a comfortable and stimulating environment.

Light must achieve balance and balance between the three entities, that is, it can make the physical space and the work appreciate, as well as preserve the materials.

Our team studies every detail of the project and space to illuminate following a maxim: the greatest recognition is that the work goes unnoticed for visitors to the site, and that at the same time the intentions of the exhibition space are fulfilled.

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