The subsoil of the Sant Antoni Market hides many stories. Archaeologists have found the trace left by the Romans, the Barcelonians of medieval and modern times and those who occupied the market stalls when it was inaugurated in 1882. Since then, all this research is more visible: several signage They explain through different texts, engravings, drawings, maps and photographs the different historical periods and architecture of the market. “We have patrimonialised and museum the market,” says Carme Miró, the Bárcino plan manager. It is a very important point in the history of the city because it is a crossroads. ” As we walk through the market, a couple of ladies ask when guided visits will be organized. They ask if they can stay and listen. “Here below,” explains Miró as we walk through Calle Borrell, there is the necropolis and one of the only stretches that are preserved on the Via Augusta. “

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