From 3rd to 26th of September inhabitants of Úbeda and surrounding areas can discover the Heroes that accompany us in our daily life with exhibition Hidden Heroes opens in Alcazar de San Juan. Great inventions, everyday objects.

What makes an everyday object become a hidden hero? It must be something related to an ingenious idea, but easily understandable. The “hidden heroes” are objects that have been manufactured millions of times, but that are still indispensable in everyday life. They are objects that have proven their worth over and over again and that, in essence, have remained unchanged for decades or, in other words, are everyday classics. With the objects, images and videos presented in this exhibition we intend to show four particularly interesting aspects: Innovation: the fascinating history of the invention of these objects. Production: the technical conditions of its successful large-scale manufacturing. Evolution: its historical development and the amazing diversity of models and variations that have generated. Inspiration: its aesthetic, which continues to inspire the work of artists and designers. The Obra Social “la Caixa” presents the itinerant exhibition “Hidden Heroes. Great inventions. Objetos cotidianos “, a sample in which there is much to discover.

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