Data sheet

  • Year: 2018

  • Customer: Fundación Energy

  • Location: Sala Polivalente Naturgy – Barcelona

  • Surfice: 150 m2

  • Type: Temporary Exhibition

  • Works: Production and Assembly of the exhibition “The Quality of the Air. A current challenge “. Includes the construction of metallic structures and graphs in Dibond for the positioning of the exposed photos in a clean way and giving prominence to the photos and the space. It includes elements of the activity of a museum.

  • Designer: Ambito Cero



The exhibition “The quality of the air. A current challenge “, produced by the Naturgy Foundation with the aim of contributing to the educational, environmental and cultural development of society, shows how the phenomenon of air pollution is a key factor that determines the health of people and the environment. The implementation of different initiatives, by administrations, private companies and citizens, will be an essential challenge to meet the levels set by the World Health Organization to improve the air quality of our environment. In this context, among other measures, the responsible use of energy and, in particular, natural gas as a clean fuel, will be a determining factor to reduce emissions and seek to improve air quality. The exhibition, curated by the expert professor in atmospheric pollution, Dr. Xavier Querol, offers the tools to know and interpret the key factors that determine air quality through four areas: the description of the phenomenon, the causes that cause it, the effects that produce it and the solutions to address it. The exhibition, presented in Spanish, after its passage through Barcelona, ​​will begin an itinerary through the territory, making its next stop in Guadalajara.

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