Data sheet

  • Year: 2010

  • Customer: Diputació de Barcelona

  • Location: Barcelona – Via Layetana

  • Surface: 200m2

  • Type: Temporary Exhibition

  • Works performed: Production and Setting of an exhibition at the “Memorial Democratic Center”. It includes the construction of showcases, methacrylate urns, touch tables, electric installation of modules, lighting, setting of sound and visual systems, graphic design for advertising banners, PVC flooring,  carpentry and painting.

  • Designer: Ámbito cero


The Centre of Documentation of the Democratic Memorial is a skilled center dedicated to the information of the historical period comprised between 1931 and 1980 in Spain. It is composed of two founds. By one hand, the library skilled in democratic memory: The Second Spanish Republic, Spanish Civil War, Franco’s dictatorship and repression, exile and displaced of the refugees of the war. And by another hand of the Audiovisual Bank of Witnesses of the Democratic Memorial (an audiovisual archive of evidences on the historical chronology mentioned). The fundamental task of the exhibition is to offer tools for the study and the knowledge of the contemporary history, by means of the bibliographic founds and also generate and update the computerized  databases with oral evidences.