Data sheet

  • Year: 2019

  • Customer: Museu Ciències Naturals Granollers

  • Location: Granollers (Barcelona)

  • Surfice: 250m2

  • Type: Permanent Exhibition

  • Works: Production and built permanent exhibition You Investigate. It includes the design and museographic circuit, the construction of panels, electrical installation, lighting, graphics, scenography, carpentry and painting.

  • Designer: Expomon, Salvador Vinyes


Have you ever wondered how to find out what a predator ate from an egagropile? Or how is a cave inside and what animals live? This exhibition rigorously brings science closer to young and old while awakening curiosity to investigate and explore nature as if it were a treasure.

Directed to a family audience, especially the youngest ones at home, “You investigate!” It has a very scenographic format in which thousands of butterflies are recreated making a cloud in a meadow, an interactive river with amphibians, bats hidden in a cave and a forest full of mice. These four areas make up the four research areas of the Museum of Natural Sciences of Granollers (butterflies, amphibians, bats and small mammals) and during the visit you can discover the secrets that these animals hide.


Thursday to Saturday from 16 to 19h
Sunday from 11 to 14h

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