Data Sheet

  • Year: 2021

  • Customer: Ajuntament Sant Josep sa Talaia

  • Location: Auditorio Caló de s’Oli

  • Surfice: 100 m2

  • Type: Temporary Exhibition

  • Works: Expopanel (modular signposts expositivos) Production and Setting and exhibition cubs for the exhibition “Sightseeing the Sea” of the Audiovisual Contest for the Conservation of the Balearic Sea.  They produce and they supply modular signposts and cubes expositivos that allow to do different compositions in room doing of each configuration a different space.

  • Designer:  Mare, Justo Nieto, Roberta Tenci


The Auditorium Caló of s’Oli receives in his recent finish building the exhibition Sightseeing the Sea (Audiovisual Contest for the Conservación of the Balearic Sea) promoted by the Foundation MARE Balearic.

For his space of reception have bet by our system of signposts expositivos Expopanel.
This system is conformed by a group of modular signposts with lanes electrificados that allow so much hang works like offering an illumination concentrated in each signpost.

Besides it offers different types of anchorages that allow different configurations of the room, giving like this a different air as far as want to expose.
The school achieves like this museizar this space and offer to his visitors and students a space for exhibitions configured according to the need of pieces or works to expose.

In the external space of the auditorium to exhibition expands with cubes expositivos modular, removable and reusable that put of relief the work of Mare by the care and conservation of the Balearic Sea.

The exhibition will be able to visit from morning in schedule in the morning, between the 10 and the 13.30 hours, in addition to during the cultural events that program in Caló of s’Oli, until the next 29 August. During this time, the volunteers of Salvem sa Badia will occupy of dinamizar the visits to the exhibition.

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