Data sheet

  • Year: 2007

  • Customer: Fundación “la Caixa”

  • Location: Cosmocaixa (Barcelona)

  • Surface: 150m2

  • Type: Permanent Exhibition

  • Works performed: Extension of the room “Flash”. It includes construction work, waterproofing flooring, PVC soil, manufacture of interactive modules, manufacture of water models, electrical connection, plumbing, carpentry and painting.


To awaken the explorer of nature that is within all children, CosmoCaixa Barcelona creates the Flash Space. They will live the nature up close and get to know all kind of secrets such as how changes the landscape by the force of the river.
The Flash Space, aimed to children aged seven to ten years, gives answers to young researchers who discover the fundamentals of science, work in groups and have fun learning through interactive modules.
The experience of a phenomenon, the introduction to natural low or knowledge of a science are some of the activities carried out in this space. Without forgetting the world that surrounds us. Knowing the differences between living beings, exploring the natural environment and discover new technologies, are some of the adventures they can enjoy in this space.
A space for fun and knowledge. The game of science, at the reach of the explorers from all over the world.