Data sheet

  • Year: 2017

  • Customer: Ajuntament d’Artés

  • Location: Artés – Barcelona

  • Surfice: Artés

  • Type: Signaging 

  • Works: Design, Production and Assembly of the signposting route the revolt of the Artés bureaus. It includes the design of the structure, the metallic construction of the signals, graphic production, installation in the points of the town.

  • Designer: Expomon


Artés perpetuates the legacy of the Revuelta de los Burots
The commemoration of the centenary of the historical event culminates with the premiere of a signposted route over the 1917 rebellion
The story of the revolt that ended caciquismo in Artés, at the beginning of the 20th century, has been written in six panels distributed by the people, who mark the most significant scenarios of the historical event. The Revuelta de los Burots took place on January 2, 1917, and during 2017 the centenary has been commemorated with multiple activities that culminated yesterday with the premiere of a marked route of the revolt, which helps to keep the memory of the facts alive .
With the will to know the past of the town, about fifty people walked yesterday through the six places of the city that are scenes that will contextualize the Revuelta de los Burots. Through the voice of Artesenc Gerard Girbau, the public went into the climate of repression that was breathed in the town at the beginning of the last century. “We started to rebuild the memory of the revolt in the Plaza Vieja, since that is where life was concentrated in Artés at that time,” explained Girbau, while the town’s mayor, Ernest Clotet, withdrew the canvas from the first panel.