EIDEAS modular walls

The EIDEAS Modular Walls are a group of signposts totally self portable and removable, built with metal structure and fireproof wood.

Once assembled they form a wall that can be used simply to close areas or to do performances and exposes, like hanging pictures or show cases, hit graphics, mount sound and visual devices, etc.

For all these reasons they are ideal for centres or rooms of exhibitions, to make stands, perimeter closings and others.The base of the modular walls is endowed of rotating wheels and flush legs, that allows us to “move” whole sections of “finished” wall of until 9m of length hand 360cm of height.

The modular walls are presented with a height of 360 cm and a width of 60 cm. The interior is totally diaphanous, so that we can access to all type of maintenance, like electrical installations or store material.

The walls are covered with a “floating” paper that allows to hide all the boards of the signposts. The final finishes are painted, with a colour of customers choice.


  • Fast mounting
  • Reduction of labour risk accidents thanks to the simple mounting.
  • The walls can be re-used in multiple mountings.
  • The mounting do not make much noise at all.
  • There is no dust left in the environment, since we do not effect courts at the place of mounting (excepting the pieces that need to be measured).
  • The walls are totally diaphanous in their interior, allowing all type of installations, accessibility and storage
  • Thanks to the incorporation of the wheels, we can move volumes of walls (without a need of dismounting) of until 9m of length and until 3,6m of height
  • The adjustable legs help level walls in soils “not entirely flat”.
  • The walls allow withstand and resist heavy weights when hanging artworks or showcases.
  • The finishes with painted paper prevents the marks of the joints and gives the effect of a painted wall work.
  • The possibility to effect multiple mountings in different formats and sizes with the same modules.
  • Once that the walls are disassembled, can be stored in reduced spaces.
  • The walls are removable and, therefore, also easy storable. In a space of 7m2 (3,5mx2m), we can arrive to store until 20 mters of wall of 360cm of height, that corresponds to a surface of wall (both sides) of 140m².


Exhibitions mounted with EIDEAS modular walls