Project Description

Data sheet

  • Year: 2016

  • Customer: Museu Marítim Barcelona MMB

  • Location: Museu Marítim Barcelona

  • Surface: 300m2

  • Type: Exposición Temporal. Desde 26/05/2016 hasta al 25/09/2016.

  • Works carried out: Design, Production and installation of the exposition “Painting underwater, 150 years of history”. Includes the construction of panels, graphics, set design, carpentry and painting.

  • Designer: Expomon


For the first time MMB offers at the public the opportunity to discover the history of an almost unknown pictorial genres.This exposition allows evaluate, since the sight of different artists, the interpretation of the plastic, chromatic and light peculiarity of different places and landscapes painted under water. The exposition shows some objects of few artists who are practicing this kind of art.
Along the history different civilizations have represented their particular vision of the underwater world. From their imagination and the few real information they obtained in limited raids in this field.  Is not until the nineteenth century when the first sea underwater views were obtained
On this exposition we can see, among other, Alfonso Cruz’s paintings who, in Spain, is the few artists dedicated at underwater painting.