Project Description

Fitxa tècnica

  • Any: 2010

  • Client: Fundació “la Caixa”

  • Ubicació: Territori Nacional

  • Superfície: 70m2

  • Tipus: Exposició Itinerant

  • Works performed: Production and Setting of exhibition of 70m2 for a drop-down units, called “Technical revolution”. It includes the construction of show cases, glass fibre modules, mechanization of parts for folding show cases, interactive modules, methacrylate urns, illumination of modules, lighting, setting of sound and visual systems, graphic design for advertising banners,  carpentry and painting.

  • Designer: VOL2


The majority of us people when we hear words like “nanotechnology” or “biotechnology”  we think in something very far to our days. This exhibition pretends to show the present that are these technologies in our daily life. From the sanitary field, going through the art, even clothing, the technologies pervades every aspect of our life.
“TECHNOREVOLUTION” Is structured in three very differentiated fields, that will allow to the user to know, experience and play with some of the most revolutionary advances of the technological world. Audiovisual that shows in very clear and entertaining way the technologies that makes up the story line of this exhibition: the nanotechnology; the biotechnology, the TIC (technologies of the information and the communication), the cognitive sciences and the neuroscience. Applications that approach us to the technologies in an experimental and funny way. To complete the route, the visits of school centres will be able to realize a funny educational workshop in which they can work with robots that behave like living beings.

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