Project Description

Data sheet

  • Year: 2010

  • Customer: Playmedia – Ajuntamiento de Torija

  • Location: Castillo de Torija – Torija (Guadalajara)

  • Surface: 800m2

  • Type: Permanent Exhibition

  • Works performed:Production and Setting of the “Museum of Torija”, includes the construction of show cases, setting of sound and visual systems, lighting, placement of pieces, graphic design for advertising banners, carpentry and painting.

  • Designer: Playmedia Motion Graphics


In the actuality, the “Castle of Torija” is a headquarters of the “CITUG” (Centre of Tourist Interpretation of the Province of Guadalajara). Situated in a modern and functional building of four plants raised in the same Courtyard of the Fortress Army, the CITUG  is the centre of the provincial tourism diffuser, containing the precise museum elements for an optimal understanding and promotion of all the tourist resources of this Province.
All under the materialization of a design whose main feature is the transmission of the proposed contents of attraction and understanding, because ultimately the recipient and the public are equally diverse with very different requirements.
Definitely it is an extraordinary promotional instrument that has to build a final revulsion in the field of dissemination and marketing of Guadalajara and all the Province as a highlight emerging destination in the domestic tourism panorama.

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