Data sheet

  • Year: 2019

  • Customer: Johnson Controls – Hitachi

  • Location: Vacarisses

  • Surface: 350m2

  • Type: Showroom

  • Works: Design, production and assembly of the Johnson Controls corporate museographic showroom – Hitachi. It includes the design, construction and updating of furniture, panels, electrical installation, lighting, graphics, scenography, carpentry and painting.

  • Designer: Expomon


In Vacarisses Factory of Johnson Controls Hitachi has been created a building that houses a training area and showroom where integrated air machines are shown in the areas of use, as well as training areas and cells of stay that allow work or conversations with groups more reduced.
In the design have taken into account the elements to expose and the areas of use which has led us to different spaces:
-Acid brand values
Have been produced for the spaces furniture, separations emulating Japanese panel, pedestals, aesthetic and noise-proof ceiling elements, screens and supports, graphics, outdoor gardening …
The showroom is set in areas where without being the center of attention you can see the most suitable machine, corporate audiovisual and a brief data sheet. In the environment you can breathe brand branding with oriental airs which invites not only to visit but to enjoy it in a relaxed way.