Data sheet

  • Year: 2015

  • Customer: Fundación “la Caixa”

  • Location: Caixa Forum Zaragoza

  • Surface: 800m2

  • Type: Travelling Exhibition

  • Works performed: Adaptations of the exhibition “Numbers of goog family”. It includes the construction of Showcases, interactive, audio-visual, tactile screens, electric installation, lighting, manufacture of scale models, in-room placement, graphic, carpentry and painting.

  • Designer: Ámbito Cero


What are equipped with a common lobster, a car or a champagne bubble? ¿Y two chairs with two two manos y pies? The family of the numbers we have acompañado from the primitive era and today is the Aún progreso our service.
How would be a world without numbers?
A lo largo de cinco millennia have surgiendo ido las familias different numbers to troubleshoot problems that exigían each vez mayor creativity: natural numbers, numbers enteros numbers, rational numbers, real numbers and complexes.
The development has permitted numerical count, sort, locate, compare, divide, calculate, encode … y con un lenguaje told that today is essential, both for everyday life as for the development of science and technology.