Data sheet

  • Year: 2012

  • Customer: Play Media – Fundación Cueva de Nerja

  • Location: Nerja – Malaga

  • Surface: 800m2

  • Type: Exposición Permanente

  • Works performed: Production, Pre-mounting and Setting of the exposition “Museum of Nerja”. It includes the construction of show cases, glass urns, big circular harrow, setting of sound and visual systems, electrical installation, lighting, placement of pieces, carpentry and painting.

  • Designer: Playmedia Motion Graphics


The tour is organized in four thematic areas and ten sectors. The first of the areas is devoted to present general subjects, that help the visitor to situate Nerja in his  geographic and historical context. The second and third areas include a series of monograph issues that have been the indisputable protagonists of the surroundings in their historical development and therefore have shaped their contemporaneity. The last of the area is a space of informative character of the places and subjects of interest that offer Nerja and it’s surroundings in the actuality.