Data Sheet

  • Year: 2015

  • Customer: Moritz

  • Location:Plaza de la Catedral – Barcelona

  • Surface: 32 m2

  • Type: Travelling Event
  • Itinerary of the event: Tent Mortiz was installed for the first time in Barcelona, and was tehn itinerated to hold different events arraund the national territory.

  • Works carry out: Design, production and assembly of tent for events of all Kinds. It includes Metalworking, graphics, canvas and the painting.

  • Designer: Jordi Tamayo


Modular tent designed for all kinds of shows and events. The tent is perfect not only for enjoying outdoor sapces but also to enjoy covered ones. Designed for all kinds of activities the tent has a wide possibility of adaptation to space thanks to the versatility of modular design. Commissioning the occasion of the “33rd Setmana del Llibre en Català”, for that  ocasion we equipped the tent so that our customer Moritz could offer drinks and food service to the visitors-