Data sheet

  • Year: 2013

  • Customer: Consell Comarcal del Pallars Jussà

  • Location: Tremp (Lleida)

  • Surface: 1000 m2

  • Type: Exposició Permanente

  • Works performed:Production and setting of the Centre for Visitors of the Pallars Jussà “Epicentre”. It includes construction work and restoration, plaster-boards electrical installation of the building, construction of showcases, setting of sound and visual systems, lighting, placement of pieces, scenography, graphic design for advertising banners, carpentry and painting.

  • Designer: Grup Transversal


It is the key point of the tourist information of the region and a space that explains the values of the local cultural and natural heritage. It offers an attractive experience of cultural leisure, shows the attractions of the region and motivates the visitors to discover the landscapes and historical legacy of the area, also the resources and the local products and services. It is definitely an indispensable visit for those who want to know the Pallars Jussà, or know which are the options to make visits and activities, and enjoy the local products and the tourist offers.