Data sheet

  • Year: 2017

  • Customer:Consorcio Ruta Minera

  • Location:Fumanya (Cercs-Barcelona)

  • Surface: 300 m2

  • Type: Centro de Interpretación

  • Works performed:Production and Assembly of the “Dinosaurs Fumanya” Interpretation Center. It includes the construction of showcases and pedestals, audiovisual, placement of pieces, sets, models, electrical installation, lighting, graphics, carpentry and painting.

  • Designers: Justo Nieto / Roberta Tenca

  • Arquitect: Xavier Pons


Exhibition about the dinosaurs that lived in Bergueda (Barcelona) 70 million years ago. A tour of graphic panels, showcases, audiovisual and interactive, allows us to know the wildlife that coexisted with the dinosaurs 70 million years ago. The visitor will also be able to touch a reproduction of a titanosaur femur, a dinosaur skin and other exposed elements. An exit to the outside gallery can be seen on more than 3,000 tracks which, for the moment, are still preserved.