Project Description

Data sheet

  • Year: 2017

  • Customer: Obra Social La Caixa

  • Location: Planetario Madrid

  • Surface: 400m2

  • Type: Permanent Exhibition

  • Work carry out: Production and Assembly of the expóción Climate Change: Understand to survive, includes the construction of showcases, audiovisuals, lighting, collocation of pieces, graphic, cabinetmaking and painting.

  • Designer: Ámbito cero


The exhibition Climate Change: Understanding to survive shows visitors the climate changes that our planet has experienced, as well as those that may be expected to happen in the future.
400m2 are dedicated where you can find interactive experiments realized in ad hoc, that explain and help to understand phenomena like the Greenhouse Effect and Coriolis force. A virtual globe shows the earth’s insolation with the changes in the weather and the possible changes that could cause on the planet changes in the sea currents.
The climatic changes experienced during the history of the planet are shown through an exceptional set of fossils and models.
The final punt final point of the exhibition is reflected through the scientific, philosophical and artistic interpretation on the immediate future of the planet.