Data sheet

  • Year: 2009

  • Customer: Fundación Caixa de Manresa

  • Location: Manresa (Barcelona)

  • Surface: 200m2

  • Type: Exposició Temporal

  • Works performed: Design, Production and Setting of the exposition  “A universe to discover”. It includes construction of new show cases, setting of interactive systems, setting of sound and visual systems, touch screens, lighting, placement  of pieces, graphic design for advertising banners, carpentry and painting.

  • Designer: Expomon


“A Universe to discover” is the motto of the International Year of Astronomy 2009 to celebrate the 400 years of the existence of the telescope, the invention of Galileo that changed completely the way of looking at the sky.
The expose, that under this name has produced Caixa Manresa with the collaboration of the Astronomical Grouping of Manresa, discloses in a clear and comprehensible manner the most significant knowledges we have about the Universe.
We know that it was born some thirteen thousand seven hundred,  million of years ago, that the Sun is in a millions of stars of the Milky way that has a million times more massive black hole than the Sun. You can fear many of the questions but the answers you can learn in this space you should fear even more: Why the Universe is as it is? Is there or was there a life on other planets of the Solar System? How stars form?  And galaxies?