Project Description

Data sheet

  • Year: 2009

  • Customer: Fundación “la Caixa”

  • Location: Alcobendas – Madrid

  • Surface: 500m2

  • Type: Travelling Exhibition

  • Works performed: Adaptation of the exposition “Climatic change” in a new space. It includes construction of new show cases, setting of interactive system, setting of sound and visual systems, touch screens, lighting, placement of pieces, graphic design for advertising banners, carpentry and painting.

  • Designer: Ámbito Cero


This exhibition tries to approach the phenomenon of the global warming to the million of citizens that have showed interest and concern,  and wish to know more details of what is coming in the future. “Comprehend to change” is the purpose of the sample.
The visitors will be able to palpate a big block of ice that is melting as does the Arctic or feel the different temperatures that are in the South Pole or Spain on a terrestrial globe ‘ad hoc’. This way, the public can feel how the weather is destroyed in the atmosphere with barely have energy exchange with the outer space.
Also it documents the disappearance of the dinosaurs, or the absence of hair in the elephants (unlike the mammoths of the last ice age), to survive in the warm Savannah.
The climatic change is not an unambiguous, but real, here and now. Know where and it’s effects will be very simple. It’s enough to interact with a screen to discover more than 50 obvious examples of the warming. The examples are plentiful and do not leave a place for scepticism.

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