Project Description

Data sheet

  • Year: 2015

  • Customer: Generalitat de Catalunya

  • Location: Palau Robert – Barcelona

  • Surface: 400m2

  • Type: Temporary Exhibition

  • Works carry out: Production and assembly of exhibition “Catalan actresses of the twentieth century.” Our works includes the construction and instalation of graphics backlit panels, curtains, methacrylate, showcases, metal, audio-visual, screens, the wiring, the lighting, graphic, carpentry and painting.

  • Designer: Isabel López Viralta


The exhibition “Catalan Actresses of the 20th Century”, being presented at the Palau Robert, showcases this group of women of the theatre during the 20th century, a contemporary phenomenon linked to modernity, and an essentially western cultural manifestation.
The leading role played by women in both the theatre and in other spheres during the 20th century reflects a contemporary phenomenon, a state of change resulting from sweeping cultural transformations. The growing importance of women came at a time of splendour for playwriting and the theatre in Catalonia.
Once Catalan actresses had overcome their status as little more than mannequins or lures on the billing, they went on to play every role involved in the business (impresarias, directors, stars, etc.). The theatre today would be very different without the prominence of women in the 20th century.
The exhibition gives us insights into great actresses such as Margarida Xirgu, Elena Jordi, Mary Santpere, Matilde Almendros, Assumpció Balaguer, Montserrat Carulla, Carlota Soldevila, Núria Espert, Anna Lizaran, Rosa Novell, Vicky Peña, Emma Vilarasau and many more.

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