Project Description

Data sheet

  • Year: 2014

  • Customer: Fundación “la Caixa”

  • Location: Caixa Forum – Barcelona

  • Surface: 400m2

  • Type: Exposició Permanente

  • Works carry out: Production and mounting of the expose “Caixa Lab Experience”. It includes the construction of show cases, illuminated curved signposts, setting of sound and visual systems,  touch screens, electrical installation, lighting, manufacture of models,  placement of pieces,  graphic design for advertising banners, soundproofing systems for the rooms and closed spaces, placement of carpet, carpentry and painting.

  • Designers: Isern Serra y Sylvain Carlet


“CaixaLab Experience”, is an innovative space created to serve as education and training of the youth in the field of the enterprising.  A service that you can find in Caixa Forum Barcelona. The main aims of the space are the following:

• Approach the concept of enterprising to the school public.
• Offer a didactic educational tool to teachers and educational centres.
• Value the figure of the enterprising as a generator of projects and of wealth.

The students are conducted by a monitor and will be able to enjoy activities in which   they will learn the concept of enterprising and the characteristics and values of an enterprising attitude. The space is structured in different scopes, and each one has of interactive resources, varied and differentiated of the others.
CaixaLab Experience forms part of a program that has the aim to wake up the enterprising skills in the students from 13 years up, promoting their personal growth and improving their capacity of initiative.

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