Data sheet

  • Year: 2015

  • Customer: Fundación “La Caixa”

  • Location: Territorio Nacional

  • Surface: 400m2

  • Type: Exposición Itinerante

  • Works carry out: Production and assembly of the exhibition  “Caixa Lab Experience and Hidden Heroes” as an itinerant tenet throughout the national territory (Peninsula, Balearic Islands, Ceuta and Melilla). Our works it includes the construction and instalation of showcases, modules, audio-visual, touch screens, the wiring, the lighting, placement of pieces, graphic, carpentry and painting.

  • Designers: Isern Serra y Sylvain Carlet / vitra


What makes an everyday object becomes a hidden hero? We are surrounded by hundreds of vessels that have been manufactured millions of times and, in essence, have remained unchanged for decades, maintaining unquaestionable their value and relevance. They are everyday classics, but, as industrial products they embody the ideals of modernity without an expiration date ideals such as: economy of materials, functionality and durability.
“Hidden Heroes” show to the general public the legacy of everyday objects of unknown inventors. Whith a pedagogical approach that encourages creativity and recognises the importance of the enterpreneurship, the exhibition offers three routes: the technological, the artistic and the historical and social routes. Around 27 of these everyday objects are shown in the exhibition , some of them typical from of the Spanish culture, as the fan or the jug.
Within the same exhibition we can get into “CaixaLab Experience”. This is a laboratory with an interactive multimedia workshop where visitors can learn the concept of entrepreneurship. They can also experiment the creating proces throughout our activities. The routes of the exhibition and “Hidden Heroes and CaixaLab Experience” have resources so that the public can get the most out of the experience of creating, innovating and becoming and entrepreneur.