Data Sheet

  • Year: 2019

  • Customer: Piribus ADN Pyr

  • Location: Itinerary Exhibition

  • Surface: 111 m2

  • Type: Itinerary Exhibition

  • Works: Itinerary exhibition the Piribus exhibition, a trip to the heart of the Pyrenees.


Expomon is touring the Piribus exhibition, a trip to the heart of the Pyrenees in its 32 stages through the Pyrenees territory.

The objectives of the exhibition:
Value assets through innovation, creating a mobile application, unique to the entire massif, which will value places, geolocate interpretation itineraries, activities.
Establish links between heritage valuation professionals and environmental education in two exchange seminars, co-training sessions and a monitoring committee of the Nature, Culture, Tourism project.
Promote cross-border dynamics to obtain results that organizations could not achieve individually, and taking advantage of the experience of the 60 structures, propose strategic guidelines for a sustainable valuation of the heritage of the Pyrenees.

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