Data sheet

  • Any: 2013

  • Customer: Fundación “la Caixa”

  • Location: National Territory

  • Surface: 100+100m2

  • Type:Travelling Exhibition

  • Works performed:Design, production and setting of 2 travelling drop-down units of 100m2.


In EXPOMON we work with a modality of exhibition called“Drop-down units (UD)”.  Drop-down Units are the kind of models that have similar dimensions of the ones that have the sea containers and also trailers, therefore they contain all the necessary staff needed for the setting of an exhibition.
This Unit is transported with a tractor or a platform to the place where it should be located for it’s exhibition in which case our technicians only need to mount the unit, without any other type of mounting as it is already pre-mounted inside, so it is transformed immediately in a ready space for the exhibition and totally prepared for it’s inauguration.
It is a very practical option to install in squares, museums, centres of interpretation, locals, carps and a lot of types of enclosures. EXPOMON has participated in the production of Drop-down Units as well as in the exhibitions that contain in their interior.