Project Description

Data sheet

  • Year: 2017

  • Customer: Museo Marítimo de Barcelona (MMB)

  • Location:Museo Marítimo de Barcelona

  • Surfice: 1000 m2

  • Type: Permanent Exhibition

  • Works carry out: Production and Assembly of the exhibition “Shipyards and Galleys” in the Maritime Museum of Barcelona (MMB). It includes the construction of metallic structures, showcases, methacrylate urns, graphic, assembly of pieces, elevator, carpentry and painting.

  • Dessigner:Grup Transversal


The exhibition space of “Shipyards and Galleys” includes a route framed by a set of Galera in construction, two new viewpoints in the Galera and the Roman mausoleum discovered in the last archaeological interventions of the building (2010 – 2012). Parts of the MMB’s collections are exhibited, including pieces pertaining to the history of the Royal Shipyards, building models and different models of galleys. Audiovisual animations introduce visitors to the Barcelona of the XIII century and the great warlike conflicts in the Mediterranean carried out by galleys. These projections are combined with interactive elements that allow visitors to know the process of building the galleys and life on board in a dynamic and experiential. Simulators of oars installed in the exhibition allow, for example, to test the strength of the visitors and to live firsthand the effort that represented rowing an actual rowing of galera.

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