Data sheet

  • Year: 2008

  • Customer: Fundación “la Caixa”

  • Location: Cosmocaixa (Alcobendas-Madrid)

  • Surface: 800m2

  • Type: Exposición Itinerante

  • Works performed: Adaptation of the exhibition “Numbers of good family”. It includes the construction of show cases, setting of interactive, setting of sound and visual systems,  touch screens, electrical installation, lighting, manufacture of models, placement of pieces, graphic design for advertising banners, carpentry and painting.

  • Designer: Ámbito cero


Exhibition that invites to reflect on the importance of the numbers.
How do we how many sheep we have? How do we know how many of them are eaten by wolves?
It is necessary to know and explain! Therefore the existence of the natural numbers: one, two, three…
Which day is today? Which day was yesterday? In which year we live?
It is necessary to count and order a side of a reference! Therefore the existence of the cardinal numbers: zero, one, two, three…
How to give account of the temperatures underneath of zero degrees? How to explain when we own more than we have?
It is necessary to explain to both sides of a reference! For this are the whole numbers: less three, less two, less one, zero, one, two, three…
How to measure the temperatures bellow zero degree? How to calculate when we own more than we have?
How to explain how to reckoned on both sides of reference?  For that are the integers: least three, least two, least one, zero, one, two, three…
How to divide, regulating excesses and defects? How to deliver a prize between three beneficiaries? How to measure with the wished fineness?
We must distribute and compare. Therefore the existence of rational numbers: a half, a third, a chamber, two thirds…
Through the exhibition “Numbers of good family” the visitor will be able to feel like an innumerate one with the need to invent new numbers to measure as his needs are more complex, count from one herd to the digital revolution.