Project Description

Big format modular walls

This type of modular wall is designed to divide large spaces and high ceilings. Once installed the feeling of continuity of wall.

The large format modular walls are 360 cm high and 60 cm wide. The interior is totally diaphanous, so we can access for all types of maintenance, such as passing electrical installations or storing material.

The base of the modular walls is equipped with rotating wheels and levelling legs, which allows us to “move” entire sections of the “finished” wall up to 9 m long and 360 cm high.

The walls can be dismantled and therefore can also be stored. In a space of 7m2 (3.5 x 2 m) we can store up to 20 meters of wall 360 cm high, which corresponds to a wall surface (two sides) of 140 m2.

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Exhibitions with large-format modular walls

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