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We design, produce and manufacture all kinds of exhibition cabinets.
The showcases are the physical support for the safe display of commercial items, artistic or valuable objects. These allow them to be exposed to a height that allows the observation of the exhibits and contributes to highlighting them without robbing them of prominence.
A showcase must:
-Protect the object
-Allow visibility
-To have good appearance
-Strap the attention

The interior environment of the showcases can be controlled in terms of temperature and humidity to ensure the conservation of the exhibits.
The most important thing when choosing the type of showcase is to consider the characteristics of the articles or objects to be exhibited in order to establish the conditions of visibility and safety that are required. That's why our design team advises our client what kind of showcase is right for them and what kind of requirements they need.
Showcase types:
-Ventional cabinets
-Vertical cabinets
-Wall and wall-mounted cabinets
-Central and platform windows