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13/07/2017 - Inauguration of the new Uriach Gallery

The Uriach Foundation inaugurates Uriach Gallery, an exhibition space that traverses the history of the pharmaceutical industry of our country from the beginning of the Uriach company until the seventies. The images, documents and exhibits accompany us and help to contextualize some of the most significant events in the evolution of this sector, in addition to explaining the history of these laboratories that in 2018 will turn 180 years.
The ceremony was held on Thursday, July 13, and members of the Board of Trustees of the Joan Uriach Marsal Foundation, Javier Uriach Torelló, Joaquín Uriach Torelló, Enrique Uriach Torelló, Marta Uriach Torelló, Juan Uriach Torelló, Josep Antoni Bombí, Julián García Rafanell, Joan Esteva de Sagrera, Joan Sabater Tobella and Joan Bladé Piqué.
Uriach Gallery is open to all those people or institutions that wish to visit. To arrange a visit, it is necessary to contact the Uriach Foundation in 1838.