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07/05/2018 - Adjudication Contest La Marina Catalana

The Director General of the "Consortium of the Royal Shipyards and Maritime Museum of Barcelona", on the 14th of March 2018, has issued a resolution on the exhibition La Marina Catalana, organized by the Maritime Museum.
The award of the mixed contracting in favor of the ITU Wasabi Produccions and Expomon Productions and Assemblies for the supply with manufacture and services of the production of the exhibition "La Marina Catalana" explain the transformation of Catalonia into a modern and industrialized country, thanks to a large extent, to the maritime commerce, especially with America, through a complex interpretive environment of pieces, audiovisuals, locutions, panels, scenographies, assemblies and museographic resources, in order to enter the visitor within an industrial power of the South of Spain. Europe explaining an evolution of the Catalan navy from the XVII century to the twentieth century and the evolution of Barcelona in particular.
The objective is to ensure that this exhibition is one of the most important exhibits of the Maritime Museum and at the same time a benchmark in the development of the Catalan maritime sector throughout the country.